Municipality: Amahlathi Local Municipality
District Municipality: Amatole District Municipality

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58 Main Str

Phone number: 045-843-1022

Cathcart is named after George Cathcart, Governor of the Cape (1852-1854).


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Cathcart is on the N6 between Stutterheim and Queenstown about 145km from East London. The town lies north of the Amathole Mountains and overlooks the WindvoŽlberg Mountains. It is south of the Black Kei River.

Things to do


Fishing: trout and bass

Hiking: there are trails that start at the historic Post Office.

There are Mountain Bike trails and an annual "Mean Cuisine Challenge" in November.

Horse riding.



A military post was established here in the 1850s, and named after George Cathcart, who was Governor of the Cape from 1852 to 1854.

George Cathcart (1794-1854)

Cathcart studied at Eton and Edinburgh and joined the British army in 1810. He served in the United States, Flanders, and at Copenhagen. During the Congress of Vienna he represented England at the court of Russia. After serving as Governor of the Cape from 1852 to 1854 during which he ended the 8th Cape Frontier War and crushed the Basutos, he fought in the Crimean War. He was killed during the Battle of Inkerman on 5 November 1854.

The town was established in 1876 and became a municipality in 1881.


Farming: Sheep


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